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The “stray voltage” theory of communication

Charles C.W. Cooke offers the following answer: I have no doubt that, in part, Trump behaves as he does in order to provoke the people he dislikes into a frenzy. Among other things, the president is a troll — a … Continue reading

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Hard to think straight on immigration

Jay Cost has a good piece on immigration over at NRO. Even though our “American political discourse is not famous for its high tone,” it grows even worse when this is the topic.  Cost thinks it’s not because of the … Continue reading

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A legislature of one

3 items from yesterday’s reaction to the president’s executive order re: immigration. The Wall Street Journal thinks it will “roil” American politics and create a laboring class with no prospects of citizenship and no incentive to assimilate. President Obama ’s … Continue reading

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Upward and downward mobility exist, but…

“Ellis Island can teach us about which policy best promotes upward mobility.”  Good column from Michael Barone – A Path Forward on Immigration:  Upward and downward mobility exist, but typically at a glacial pace.  An exception is… …America in the period … Continue reading

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Der Untergang des Abendlandes

“…the Decline of the West to you, bub. (It’s better in German.)” Michael Walsh replies to VDH’s column on immigration: But it’s Victor’s conclusion I’d like to address: Is not that the ultimate paradox: The solution to the sort of … Continue reading

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Drawn to the difference, but unaware (?) of its roots.

(A)re we assuming something in perpetuity that will not go the way of the Civil War–era “German vote” or the turn-of-the-century “Irish vote” As someone has written elsewhere, the primary difference between immigration now and 100 years ago is:  us.  … Continue reading

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What’s it take to get you deported?

How was it the brothers Tsarnaev were guilty of offenses that should have revoked their legal status AND clearly emitting all kinds of violent warning signs (the “Terrorists” Youtube channel should have been a clue…) – and yet remained at … Continue reading

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