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That’s not a brief for denial, it’s a brief for adaptation

Kevin D. Williamson asks the progressives of California to please demonstrate their competence at risk management before exporting their methods world-wide.  From Global Warming Guacamole: [The drought in] California presents the global-warming dispute in miniature. The Left, with the prominent … Continue reading

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Just one word. Are you listening? “Batteries.”

h/t Holman Jenkins in Climate Reporting’s Hot Mess If the decades have validated any set of propositions, it’s the following: Mankind is unlikely to do anything meaningful about carbon dioxide as a matter of concerted public policy, and anything it … Continue reading

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The rest of the world will hurt their poor if only we hurt ours first

Rupert Darwall in the WSJ, on international climate “deals.”  The argument for acting alone rests on a belief in political rochambeau: other nations will hurt their poor if only we hurt ours first.  The argument for acting collectively rests on a dangerous … Continue reading

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Book review: The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Nature may get great PR but “does not want us to have a life expectancy of seventy-five or an infant mortality below 1 percent.”  To survive and prosper humanity needs technology and the energy that powers it, and every form … Continue reading

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