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Eliminating the thing that makes community colleges work

Kevin D. Williamson writes that one hidden goal of “free” community college is to get more taxpayer money funnelled (laundered) through more public sector unions to Democrat campaign coffers. From How to Ruin Community Colleges: I don’t suppose it has occurred … Continue reading

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The real issue in the American version of income inequality

In Obama’s Favorite Gini Daniel Henninger asks/answers “What would a progressive income-inequality policy agenda look like in the U.S.?”  before concluding:  if you’re not serious about school reform you’re not serious about the problem. We think we get it: Raise taxes and … Continue reading

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2 simple but radical changes to transform teaching

Fantastic piece in today’s WSJ.  In Why Teacher Colleges Get a Flunking Grade two education professionals say it’s time to give up on education majors.  “Too much theory, not enough practical learning about teaching.”  A-frickin-men! How can new teachers be expected … Continue reading

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If I wanted America to fail…

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Higher ed bubble becomes political weapon

This kerfuffle strikes me as especially sad and emblematic of the shallow cliche-ness of public debate.  It’s not really a partisan issue, but so ingrained has it become in our notion of The American Dream that whoever is fool enough … Continue reading

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Well I suppose those are technically two ideas to reduce inequality…

James Q. Wilson writing in the WaPo last month: We could reduce income inequality by trying to curtail the financial returns of education and the number of women in the workforce — but who would want to do that? The … Continue reading

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Is a college eductation worth it?

I suppose it all depends on your definition of “college education.”  I do believe the traditional model of borrowing a ton of money to spend 4+ years listening to lectures in “studies” of questionable merit will soon die.  It’s just … Continue reading

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