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Astronomy pictures of the fortnight(s), LXXIII

Big news from Space X last Friday – successful landing of its booster on a floating platform.  Wow, cool. In addition to the pix, here’s a time lapse of supernova 2015F. Details below the jump…

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The lukewarmer

Heard an interview with Steve Hayward in this podcast, in which he summarizes the lukewarmer* position very succinctly: It’s not a hoax… “like other environment problems we’ve had, they are phenomena, they’re not world-ending crises, and why should we suppose this is the … Continue reading

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Astronomy pictures of the fortnight, LXXI

Been awhile since I posted an APOF, but perhaps it’s been worth the wait:  historic pic of Pluto!  Remember to watch the news this Tuesday as New Horizons zooms past the dwarf planet and its 5 moons. It will not, as … Continue reading

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4th launch for mysterious X-37B mini-shuttle

I’ve said it before (here here here here): you can never have too many robot space planes. reports that the 4th mission of the X-37B will launch from Cape Canaveral on May 20.  Statement reveal a little more leg this … Continue reading

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That’s not a brief for denial, it’s a brief for adaptation

Kevin D. Williamson asks the progressives of California to please demonstrate their competence at risk management before exporting their methods world-wide.  From Global Warming Guacamole: [The drought in] California presents the global-warming dispute in miniature. The Left, with the prominent … Continue reading

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Just one word. Are you listening? “Batteries.”

h/t Holman Jenkins in Climate Reporting’s Hot Mess If the decades have validated any set of propositions, it’s the following: Mankind is unlikely to do anything meaningful about carbon dioxide as a matter of concerted public policy, and anything it … Continue reading

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Astronomy pictures of the fortnight, LXX

More complete descriptions in the gallery after the jump:

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