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Making fuel out of CO2 – a breakthru?

If this holds up – IF – it’s great news.  However, typically, by the time the whole story catches up to the press release, we learn it’s actually going to take some time before we achieve widespread, cost-effective commercialization.  But … Continue reading

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Astronomy pictures of the fortnight, LXXVII

This edition is a cool potpourri, with some gorgeous “art.”  Details below the jump per usual.

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Fortresses and virgins

I share this bit from Cafe Hayek partly because of what it says about science but mostly for the awesome Ben Franklin quote. In last week’s podcast I spoke with Ian Ayres about the power and limitations of data analysis. … Continue reading

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Astronomy pictures of the fortnight, LXXVI

Plus a video taken from the ISS, of flying over earth at night. Details below the jump, per usual.

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Fatherhood is a poor measure of manhood

Very interesting piece in the current issue of National Review,  “The Anthropology of Manhood – Evolution, society, and the male propensity for violence.” Loads of good, provocative stuff, including these little gems: About evolution’s role:  “(T)here is no way to … Continue reading

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Where to find the casualties in the war on science

From City Journal in August 2016, John Tierney writes about The Real War on Science. My liberal friends sometimes ask me why I don’t devote more of my science journalism to the sins of the Right. It’s fine to expose … Continue reading

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Humanity’s ability to forestall radical warming

Good piece by Oren Cass, Truth is Just a Detail, at City Journal: Wallace-Wells’s article is a quintessential illustration of what I have described in Foreign Affairs as “climate catastrophism.” He ignores humanity’s capacity for adapting to changes that will occur slowly … Continue reading

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