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Campus protests against the ACLU?

Over at The Federalist, Robert Tracinski writes that “Campus protests against the ACLU are a sign that American ‘liberalism’ is being destroyed by the forces it unleashed and its own inherent contradictions.” The moderate left has spent the past few … Continue reading

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Hidden (and illegal) bailouts to insurance companies

Live by the “phone and pen,” die by the “phone and pen.”  It’s no way to run an alleged self-governing republic. There’s a reason American political scientists argue that wide-reaching public policy needs to be bipartisan, and not crammed through … Continue reading

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Passive observers of the polarization?

h/t Damon Linker writing in The Week: Democrats are pragmatists, if they do say so themselves, deeply rooted in the reality-based community, beholden to facts, toiling valiantly and soberly to make the country a better, fairer place. Republicans, meanwhile, are … Continue reading

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The new normal: antagonisms, inflamed

Victor Davis Hanson in Columbus Day: Melodrama or Tragedy? Campuses and Western critics in the last half-century have turned a once risk-taking and heroic Christopher Columbus into an evil emissary of disease and destruction. History is now seen as one-dimensional … Continue reading

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The 2nd & passionate non-sequiturs

The NRA agrees bump stocks should be regulated like automatic weapons and the NYT calls the 2nd Amendment a cancer that should be repealed outright.  Remind me again who’s the extremist?  Yikes. It’s a sterile debate full of passionate non-sequiturs. I’m aware of no … Continue reading

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True socialism

Jonah Goldberg writes on the NYT’s “Red Century” feature. It’s an incredibly useful debating tactic to say that every failed socialist country wasn’t really socialist because it had a ruling class. The problem is that there will never be a … Continue reading

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The dogma lives loudly in you

h/t Julie Kelly in Matt Ridley: Climate Change Rational Optimist He calls himself a “lukewarmer” on climate change.  The author of several scientific books — including The Rational Optimist, his paean about how human grit and ingenuity have historically prevailed over … Continue reading

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