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3 reasons to oppose net neutrality

Josh Steimle offers 3 compelling reasons to oppose net neutrality: competition, privacy, and freedom. Competition If the telecoms are forced to compete in a truly free market, Comcast and Time Warner won’t exist 10 years from now. They’ll be replaced by … Continue reading

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The true consiglieres of capitalism

Andy Kessler on the “one” capitalism that works: After the calamitous century between Russia’s October Revolution and Venezuela’s debt default last week, you might think socialism would be dead and buried. You’d be wrong: It’s capitalism that is back on … Continue reading

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That impulse that recurs, again and again

Kevin D. Williamson writes about the people the Radical Left chooses to adore: The history of the postwar period is the history of the struggle against Communism. What’s sometimes forgotten — conveniently forgotten — is that our victory in that struggle … Continue reading

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To be heroic vs. to be celebrated as heroes in the media

Vik Khanna asks, Should Doctors Screen Their Patients for Gun Violence? Wintemute also asserts: “Nationwide in 2016, there was an average of 97 deaths from firearm violence per day: 35[,]476 altogether. In the 10 years ending with 2016, deaths of U.S. … Continue reading

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Communism, Memory and ‘Forgetting’

h/t Andrew Stuttaford, writing at NRO:  Communism, Memory and ‘Forgetting’ Writing in The New York Times, Bret Stephens takes aim at the curious mix of indulgence, amnesia and ignorance that envelops the subject of Communism. How many know the name of … Continue reading

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Campus protests against the ACLU?

Over at The Federalist, Robert Tracinski writes that “Campus protests against the ACLU are a sign that American ‘liberalism’ is being destroyed by the forces it unleashed and its own inherent contradictions.” The moderate left has spent the past few … Continue reading

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The 2nd & passionate non-sequiturs

The NRA agrees bump stocks should be regulated like automatic weapons and the NYT calls the 2nd Amendment a cancer that should be repealed outright.  Remind me again who’s the extremist?  Yikes. It’s a sterile debate full of passionate non-sequiturs. I’m aware of no … Continue reading

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