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on the trade deficit

Kevin D. Williamson on the trade deficit (with China): American manufacturing wasn’t hollowed out by unfair competition from wily Orientals — it wasn’t hollowed out at all, in fact, U.S. manufacturing output today being far higher than it was during … Continue reading

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Do we really know what to do?

Charles C.W. Cooke points out that the specifics of the tragedies don’t seem to influence the recommendations offered in the immediate aftermath.  In this case I think you’d have to admit that a knee-jerk “deport Muslims” is less idiotic than a … Continue reading

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4th launch for mysterious X-37B mini-shuttle

I’ve said it before (here here here here): you can never have too many robot space planes. reports that the 4th mission of the X-37B will launch from Cape Canaveral on May 20.  Statement reveal a little more leg this … Continue reading

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Book review: Rise to Greatness

The Epic of Canada Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada from the Vikings to the Present, by Conrad Black (McClelland & Stewart, 1,120 pp., $50) [This review by Andrew Roberts appears in the March 9, 2015 issue of National … Continue reading

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Treasonous behavior?

It certainly was an inartful way to exercise the Senate’s legitimate role, but for better (worse?) examples – or for those with short or partisan memories – here are just 5 times democrats undermined republican presidents with foreign governments. Mario Loyola argues that … Continue reading

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How long will it take to turn Athens into Berlin?

Andrew Stuttaford writes that the new leftist government in Greece is flatly refusing to cooperate with its EU creditors and that there is no way the country makes it through February.  But he also believes, in the end, the Germans will … Continue reading

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That’s some cadre

In Fawlty Logic, James Taranto quotes French celebrity intellectual Bernard-Henri Levy to make a point about a certain “phobia.” Levy puts it this way: “In the dark times ahead, battles await: Islam against Islam, pluralistic civilization against the nihilists of jihad. But … Continue reading

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