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Humanity’s ability to forestall radical warming

Good piece by Oren Cass, Truth is Just a Detail, at City Journal: Wallace-Wells’s article is a quintessential illustration of what I have described in Foreign Affairs as “climate catastrophism.” He ignores humanity’s capacity for adapting to changes that will occur slowly … Continue reading

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The last people to save the planet

Great piece in the WSJ.  Whenever a politician says, “give me more power so I can save the world,” the last thing we should do is give that person more power. From Paris Climate of Conformity: Forgive us for looking … Continue reading

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The lukewarmer

Heard an interview with Steve Hayward in this podcast, in which he summarizes the lukewarmer* position very succinctly: It’s not a hoax… “like other environment problems we’ve had, they are phenomena, they’re not world-ending crises, and why should we suppose this is the … Continue reading

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That’s not a brief for denial, it’s a brief for adaptation

Kevin D. Williamson asks the progressives of California to please demonstrate their competence at risk management before exporting their methods world-wide.  From Global Warming Guacamole: [The drought in] California presents the global-warming dispute in miniature. The Left, with the prominent … Continue reading

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Guarding against sanctimony

The environmentalist scandal that just toppled Oregon’s governor occurred because the people of that state “felt no need” for checks and balances or cost/benefit analysis “because everyone involved is a credential environmentalist!” So argues Holman Jenkins in Oregon Is Greener Than … Continue reading

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The rest of the world will hurt their poor if only we hurt ours first

Rupert Darwall in the WSJ, on international climate “deals.”  The argument for acting alone rests on a belief in political rochambeau: other nations will hurt their poor if only we hurt ours first.  The argument for acting collectively rests on a dangerous … Continue reading

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Book review: The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels

Nature may get great PR but “does not want us to have a life expectancy of seventy-five or an infant mortality below 1 percent.”  To survive and prosper humanity needs technology and the energy that powers it, and every form … Continue reading

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