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Book review: The Captured Economy

Fascinating book review at NRO, about The Underlying Cognitive Dissonance of the Left and the Right: Niskanen Center scholars Brink Lindsey and Steven Teles recently published a new book, The Captured Economy: How the Powerful Enrich Themselves, Slow Down Growth, and Increase … Continue reading

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3 reasons to oppose net neutrality

Josh Steimle offers 3 compelling reasons to oppose net neutrality: competition, privacy, and freedom. Competition If the telecoms are forced to compete in a truly free market, Comcast and Time Warner won’t exist 10 years from now. They’ll be replaced by … Continue reading

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Tax reform and millennials

h/t Daniel Henninger writing in today’s WSJ The swath of the electorate whose view of the Republican tax effort intrigues me the most is the group that has the least experience with the tax system but a lot to gain … Continue reading

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The virtues of 18th-century mercantilism

Nice piece on comparative advantage and the benefits of being the world’s reserve currency. Kevin D. Williamson writes that Americans have a strange love-hate relationship with our consumer goods: We love our stuff, and we hate the people who sell it … Continue reading

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on the trade deficit

Kevin D. Williamson on the trade deficit (with China): American manufacturing wasn’t hollowed out by unfair competition from wily Orientals — it wasn’t hollowed out at all, in fact, U.S. manufacturing output today being far higher than it was during … Continue reading

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The evolution of everything

George Will, writing of Matt Ridley’s book, takes issue with creationists –  but not the “mistaken but inconsequential” religious creationists.  “It is secular creationists whose social costs are steep.” “Secular theists” — economist Don Boudreaux’s term — produce governments gripped … Continue reading

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The short-termism myth

From The New Yorker (!): pressure to focus on the short term doesn’t come from “Wall Street” or investors, but from poorly designed CEO compensation packages. Excerpt from The Short-Termism Myth [There are] two common but ultimately questionable assumptions. The first is … Continue reading

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