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Society is constantly adapting to all sorts of changes

Good piece in today’s WSJ, on the history of doomsday scenarios and apocalypse fatigue. This has nothing to do with the soundness of climate science. The games begin when economists get their hands on scientific projections and try to translate temperatures … Continue reading

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Book review: Without Precedent

Interesting book review over at NRO.  Surprising to me how even much more political that seminal SCOTUS decision was.  Here are three excerpts: A new biography explores the long-running rivalry between the Federalist chief justice John Marshall and his Democratic–Republican … Continue reading

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Scope creep

Victor Davis Hanson writes about the homelessness crisis in CA and the slippery slope that got them there: In the eternal search for perfect justice and equality, what starts out as liberal can quickly end up as progressively absurd. The … Continue reading

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Populism and responses to it

Two very interesting pieces about the rise of populism and the response to it.  From Michael Brendan Dougherty at NRO. First Dougherty argues that “the center left is on life support” as “the populism is embraced by globalism’s losers flourishes, in … Continue reading

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Your so-called England is a hoax!

Interesting post over at NRO on national identity’s role in politics.  The author warns, “If post-nationalists succeed in deconstructing national loyalties, they will find that loyalties based on blood or creed come roaring back.” After a brief introduction, the New York Times … Continue reading

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A disaster for American discourse

Charles C.W. Cooke argues that CNN’s ‘Stand Up’ Town Hall Was a Disaster for Our Discourse Last night’s CNN Town Hall is being touted this morning as an “extraordinary moment,” a “conversation,” and a “debate.” In truth, it was none of … Continue reading

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What do we choose to accept?

Very interesting piece over at The Federalist.  Longish excerpt: In November 2007, the novelist David Foster Wallace wrote a short essay for a special edition of The Atlantic on “The American Idea.” Writing about 9/11 and all that came after, Wallace proposed what some … Continue reading

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