Daytime moons are actually not so uncommon, but they’re still compelling and can surprise us.  In this case… that bright crescent is not the moon but Venus, eclipsed by the moon – which is actually the dim crescent barely visible in the foreground.

I’m a conservative in my private life but lean libertarian in policy matters because it’s just too easy to find people – including some friends on the Right –  who believe they have a perfectly good reason (and the right!) to curtail my freedom.

Liberals tend to believe in sexual freedom but otherwise …not so much:  Guns? SUVs? Smoking?  School choice? Private pensions? Public religion? Disagreeing with them?  In short, they’ll let me do whatever I want in my bedroom (or with subordinates in my office) as long as I hold the correct opinions and am a reliable vote for their popular front.

Conservatives will generally let me think what I want as long as I behave *correctly* …or at least pretend to.


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