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Trauma, chaos; new consensus to follow?

Andrew Klavan, from President Chaos and the Keystone Kongress: With all the military guys and Trump family members in place, the administration is beginning to have a faintly South American flavor to it. So I guess we can all look forward … Continue reading

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Better deal rebranding

Kyle Smith, on the recent efforts at re-branding by democrats, writes that “‘A Better Deal’ tries to focus on economic issues, but the cultural issues are inextricably intertwined.” The progressive economic agenda is simple: You get the goodies you want … Continue reading

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The expanding power of opaque notions

David Harsanyi worries that censorship is gaining popularity: Why would a feminist — or anyone, for that matter — celebrate the idea of empowering bureaucrats to decide how we talk about gender stereotypes? Because these days, foundational values mean less … Continue reading

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The common denominator of the two extremes is the abandonment of disinterested reporting

Victor Davis Hanson writes about America’s Media Meltdown: Between 2008 and 2016, the media were unapologetic about their adoration of President Barack Obama. Now, they are energized by their thorough loathing of President Donald Trump. In tragic fashion, the hubris of … Continue reading

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Accepting other people’s choices

Good stuff from Jim Geraghty’s Morning Jolt Barro continues, “It’s not good to spend a lot of time telling people what they think of as their non-political behaviors are Actually Problematic And Bad.” I don’t know whether this is a … Continue reading

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Humanity’s ability to forestall radical warming

Good piece by Oren Cass, Truth is Just a Detail, at City Journal: Wallace-Wells’s article is a quintessential illustration of what I have described in Foreign Affairs as “climate catastrophism.” He ignores humanity’s capacity for adapting to changes that will occur slowly … Continue reading

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A People without a King

Nice sentiments for today from Kevin D. Williamson in A People without a King: A great many of those troops — Americans, British, Australian, Italian, Finnish—probably rolled their eyes when they heard politicians making fine speeches about what our nations were … Continue reading

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