Sources of political violence

An intelligent and even-handed political piece in Vanity Fair that I think you will appreciate. I especially like the “rules to remember” strewn throughout the piece to make his point.  E.g.,

The obnoxious interruptions over the weekend of a Central Park production of Julius Caesar by pro-Trump protesters bore a lot of resemblance to the obnoxious interruptions by Black Lives Matter activists of the musical Aida in St. Louis last summer, except that participants have switched roles. This weekend, much of the right was supportive and the left appalled. Never mind that all such heckling is contrary to the spirit of free speech. Everyone has a team role to play when this sort of stuff happens nowadays. Here’s the rule to remember: When our ends are pursued, bending the rules is daring. When their ends are pursued, bending the rules is thuggish.

I also like this:

I’m not trying to suggest perfect symmetry or to arrive at a simple verdict on whether red or blue America is the bigger threat to the republic, anymore than a doctor would look at one patient suffering from diabetes and another suffering from hypertension and say who’s the sickest. The pathologies might be unequal, but neither side is well. America isn’t well. Donald Trump, brought to us by years of neglected ailments, isn’t well, either. He is everyone’s punishment. Sorry, globe.

I don’t typically spend alot of time over at VF.  I surfed around a bit and wow.  We live in two different countries, consuming different media, constructing different realities. Here’s how the author puts it:

The right has long had what looks like a Fox News problem, defined as a dependence on rabidly partisan news sources as a remedy for a left-leaning but less partisan mainstream media. At the same time, much of blue-state America seems to be convinced that what The New York Times offers is a clear-eyed view of events rather than whatever version is least disruptive to the established liberal-left narratives of its writers and editors. You might say these problems are different enough in nature that they’re hard to place on a simple scale.

I disagree, mildly, due to just a couple of adjectives.   My side is left-leaning, your side is rabidly partisan.  But it is VF!
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