Two sides of the same very sad little coin

h/t Kevin D. Williamson in Gangs of Berkeley:

There is no budding fascist movement in the United States. But every gang needs an enemy, so they have invented one. This isn’t to say that sundry whackos and Twitter warriors do not exist. Our country is large, and it contains multitudes: I was at Waco for the Branch Davidian standoff, which was a very dramatic episode. But it nonetheless remains the fact that messianic Seventh-day Adventist factions are not a major factor in American life: It would exaggerate their importance to say that they are even a minor factor. There are 320 million people in this country, and a few of them are going to be UFO cultists, Nazi furries, bronies, and Methodists. One of them is going to be that pro-Trump guy who shows up at rallies wearing the American flag as a pteruges and sporting a Roman centurion’s helmet, or that other guy in that Tom of Finland get-up that the Village People rejected. In the same way, there are still KKK chapters here and there, and you still come across the occasional man in his 40s who saw that infamous skinhead episode on Geraldo and said to himself: “Yep, there’s my life’s calling.”

It’s a big country, and sometimes a stupid one. A more intelligent one would immediately recognize that the so-called antifa and the white-nationalist clowns are two sides of the same very sad little coin, basically a life-action game of Dungeons and Dragons with silly politics and no sense of adult responsibility.

Here’s a thought for the self-proclaimed antifa: You’re a bunch of idiot children, obviously. But you’re also a bunch of aspiring street-fighters who glorify political violence and dismiss liberal notions of free speech and property rights as so much outmoded bourgeois window-dressing standing in the way of what promises to be a glorious future.

You’re wearing black shirts.

Are you entirely sure you’re the anti-fascists?

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