The tallest building in Wichita

Writing at NRO, Kevin D. Williamson praises one party’s nominee with the chengyu “the greatest current female American major-party presidential nominee.”

It isn’t exactly a Muppet News Flash that women can run for high office in these United States: You can be Sarah Palin and be on a major-party ticket and be called a “c**t” by all the nice people who will be urging you to vote for Mrs. Clinton as a show of solidarity with women. You can be a woman and do a hell of a lot better job running PepsiCo than Mrs. Clinton did running the State Department. You can be a woman and be seriously considered for the Republican nomination in spite of a slightly short political curriculum vitae. You can be a woman and be a Marine.

If your daughter didn’t already know that she could grow up and make of her life whatever her dreams and abilities allow, and learned otherwise only upon seeing a dreadful politician take the next step in her dreadful career, that isn’t a failure of a patriarchal society. You’re just a bad father

If you think Mrs. Clinton “cares about women,” ask Juanita Broaddrick or Gennifer Flowers.

There will be much talk in the coming months in the form of this question: “Isn’t it time we elected a woman president?” But the question isn’t whether to elect a woman president; it is whether to elect this woman president, and the answer to that question among sane and sensible people is: “Not if we can help it.” …

If the best you can say for your candidate is that she’d be the first to lug a pair of ovaries over the finish line, that isn’t much.

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