I never heard of Captagon

h/t David French in “So much for the lone wolf theory for the Nice terror attack.”

The note abut Captagon is particularly interesting. It’s a little-known fact that at least some jihadist fanaticism is chemically-induced. Our soldiers have fought again and again with jihadists who are high on various stimulants. Friends in Iraq told me of stories of injured, drug-crazed jihadists who literally tried to bite American medics even as they bled from gaping wounds. These men knew they wanted to fight to the death, but they couldn’t muster up the courage without drugs.

As the investigation continues, we’ll learn whether the attack was directed or “just” inspired by ISIS or another jihadist organization, but let’s be clear — when inspiring terrorists is a core aspect of jihadist strategy, there is little comfort in finding no coordination. Indeed, the lack of coordination may be more disturbing. It means that jihadists need fewer and fewer resources to strike at the heart of the West. They just need a willing audience, a few friends, and — in this case — one big truck.

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