Bringing a knife to a gun fight, part 1,263,988

Whenever a small-r republican institution has the power and responsibility to step in, the Clintons operate to put the institution (and the principal responsible for the institution) in a tight spot:  sure you can stop us, but it’ll cost you everything and damage your institution.  Each time, it works;  over time, it erodes the small-r republican checks and balances necessary for well-ordered liberty.

Reminds a bit of Obamacare at SCOTUS.

How much better would things be if any one principal, in any one instance, would just pull a Sir Thomas More.  Sigh.

h/t Jonah Goldberg:

For me, it’s pretty simple. Clinton maintained an illegal, unsecured server in violation of law, policy, and common sense to protect her political privacy. As I’ve been shouting for over a year, the server itself is the smoking gun. If it’s illegal to ship classified information in a secret pneumatic tube from your office to your home, the mere fact that you had a pneumatic tube installed for such purposes is all the proof of intent you need.

But it’s worse than that. When Clinton and her aides were informed that what she was doing was wrong, she kept doing it anyway. When the facts came to light, she lied to the public. As Representative Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.) noted during Thursday’s hearing, those lies illuminate her intent. You only lie about not doing something wrong if you know that what you did is wrong.

That said, I don’t buy the conspiracy theories that Comey was bought off somehow. I think his decision to side against prosecuting Clinton stems from the fact that it was the safest course for him and the FBI. For millions of people, this decision taints the FBI, but much, much less than it would have if he opted to fatally damage the candidacy of a major-party nominee, even one who’s always been willing to attack, belittle, and smear anyone standing in her way.

This has always been at the heart of why I think the Clintons are so repugnant. If a woman goes public with a credible — or demonstrably true — accusation of sexual harassment or assault, Bill and Hillary Clinton are perfectly happy to destroy the accuser. If a law-enforcement official or journalist tries to get the truth about any of their myriad misdeeds, then Clinton Inc. goes into overdrive to discredit the truth-seeker.

Comey was presented with a terrible set of options. He chose the one that would least damage his reputation and the reputation of his agency. I don’t like the decision, and I don’t agree with his arguments defending it. But the ultimate blame resides entirely with Hillary Clinton and her gang. They taint and politicize everything they touch, because they put their interests above everything else.

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