The horse & buggy of governing models, cont.

Here is a Bookmonger podcast with Yuval Levin, author of The Fractured Republic, which I just blogged about earlier today:

Some highlights:

[The Left has] “an old-fashioned notion of what it means to go forward [social democracy], which is something like the past’s way of thinking about the future.”

[They want to] “bring politics in line with the industrial age economy – which is no longer what the future looks like…  [They are] persisting in a social democratic fantasy that tries to bring our politics into line with the economics and social ideas of the progressive era.”

“(T)he way we solve problems today is by empowering people from the bottom up, by letting people have a lot options, and letting people’s choices matter.”


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One Response to The horse & buggy of governing models, cont.

  1. Paul Marks says:

    The “horse and buggy” view of the Constitution supported by all nine Supreme Court Justices in 1935 was CORRECT.

    It is for the Congress (not the Executive branch) to make law (apart from the preexisting Common Law). Congress can not hand over this specific power via vague “Enabling Acts” to the Executive – to Departments and Agencies such as the “National Recovery Agency” (the jackbooted “Blue Eagle” thugs who were directly modeled on Fascist Italy).

    Later Supreme Court judgements (during World War II) basically reversed the 1935 “horse and buggy” judgement.

    And that meant the United States essentially stopped being a a Constitutional Republic – now E Executive branch officials make the laws.

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