When the govt itself becomes a special interest

With oral arguments about to being in the Friedrichs case, George Will writes:

Never in its 225 years has the First Amendment been under so varied and sustained attacks. In academia, it is increasingly considered a dispensable impediment to superior claims of social justice. In the U.S. Senate, 54 Democrats voted to amend it in order to empower the political class to regulate campaign speech about the political class. So, on Monday it would be exhilarating to hear evidence that the court is prepared to correct its contribution to the practice of subordinating First Amendment protections to supposedly superior considerations.

Here’s a good left-of-center article on the case in The Atlantic.

I’m on record agreeing with FDR about the problems created when public sector employees unionize.  They negotiate with the politicians whose campaigns they support, who agree to generous pension benefits without properly funding them.  Pulling that stunt would send me, a private sector businessman, to jail.  It gets them re-elected and leaves enormous unfunded liabilities to my kids.

Paying those promised-but-not-funded pensions is already crowding out other necessary spending (education, infrastructure) in states like IL and CA.  It becomes impossible to fix because of the influence of all those mandatory union dues sluicing through campaigns’ fundraising.  The government itself becomes a special interest group and poisons our ability to have a useful debate about other government functions.

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