The paradox of gun control

The paradox:  calls for more gun control = more gun sales = fewer gun homicides.   Weird way to get to the same place.  I believe elsewhere President Obama has been called the “best salesman for firearms manufacturers.”

newgunchartFrom “The Week” in the 12.31.15 issue of National Review

The White House confirms that, before the year is out, President Obama will take executive action to implement stricter gun control. More specifically, Obama will go some way toward closing what he calls the “gun-show loophole” by changing the definition of “gun seller” in two portions of the federal code. Under the new definition, any private seller who sought to transfer a large number of guns would be eligible for prosecution. Because the underlying statutes are extremely tightly written, however, a serious challenge would be all but inevitable. Moreover, the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 requires that any such rule be presented for notice and public comment before it becomes law. Obama will almost certainly fail to get his changes through by the time he leaves office, and, once they are binding, he is likely to watch them be gutted by the courts. In the meantime, irritated Americans will rush out to buy more guns, as per usual.

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