The censorship movement is radical

Pretty good Noonan today on the 1st Amendment:

Americans are growing weary of being told what they can and cannot publicly say, proclaim and think. We all know what’s going on at the colleges, with the mad little Marats and Robespierres who are telling students and administrators what they are and are not allowed to say or do. This is not just kids acting up at this point, it’s a real censorship movement backed by an ideology that is hostile to the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. It is led by students who, though they managed to get into the greatest universities in the country, seem never to have been taught to love the little amendment that guarantees free speech and free religious observance, the two pillars without which America collapses. And too bad, because when you don’t love something you lose it.

It is my impression that what is happening on the campuses is starting to break through as a real threat to what used to be called normal Americans

Why doesn’t some thoughtful candidate on the Republican side address the issue of shaming and silencing? Why doesn’t someone give a deep and complete speech on what the First Amendment means, how it must be protected, how we pay a daily price for it in terms of anger, hurt, misunderstandings and crudity, but it’s worth it. Why doesn’t someone note that you fight bad speech with better speech, you don’t try to tape up the mouths of an entire country.

The censorship movement is radical. It is starting to make everyone in the country feel harassed and anxious. It is odd to see candidates miss a rising issue that is giving pause to so many Americans.

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One Response to The censorship movement is radical

  1. Paul Marks says:

    The left never really believed to believe in Freedom of Speech – hence Saul Alinsky teaching his legion-of-devils to shout down the speech of anyone who opposed them, or such things as the 1975 Australian “Racial Discrimination Act” which made it a crime to “offend” certain people (think about that – to “offend” is a crime in Australia, as Andrew Bolt found out).

    However, the mainstream American left at least used to PRETEND to support Freedom of Speech – “we do not support the Second Amendment, but we support the First Amendment” was the pretence. Now the mask is coming off – the mainstream American left actually hate the First Amendment just as much as they hate the Second Amendment.

    These students did not wake up morning and say “hey – let us be totalitarians”, they were TAUGHT to be totalitarians – by their “nice” High School teachers and college professors. Any solution to the totalitarian threat the United States faces that does not deal with the stranglehold the left have over the “education system”, including in many private schools. Teacher training (the teacher training establishments are just as much part of the tyranny supporting network as the “Schools of Journalism” are) and the desire to get young people into “good colleges” has led to this.

    For many years this has all been pointed out – only to be met with cries of “paranoia” from conservatives too busy to actually look at what teacher training establishments and “Schools of Journalism” (and the rest of the education system) are actually dominated by.

    Now the problem is obvious – it can not be seriously be denied. The question is what is going to be done to end the “education system”.

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