You can never have too many robot space planes

My favorite robot space plane has a big brother?!  Whoa.  You can read about the little brother here here here and here.

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It is thought to be “increasing the versatility of overhead reconnaissance” and a few other things.

It is 29ft long — about one-fourth the size of a Nasa shuttle. The longest X-37B flight lasted about 675 days; touchdown was last October.

There’s no official word on exactly how long this one will stay up, although report suggest it will return to Earth in mid-to-late 2016.

In an unprecedented disclosure, last month month the Department of Defense did reveal some details about the X-37B’s main mission.

‘[We] are investigating an experimental propulsion system on the X-37B on Mission 4,’ Captain Chris Hoyler, an Air Force spokesman, told

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