More bad news from campus: Ovid frightens students

Back in the day my professors essentially bragged that their job was to rattle me and my safe little assumptions.  In the Happy Warrior column of the 7/6/15 National Review, David Harsanyi offers more proof that is sadly less true today.  Here are a few excerpts from “Not Avid for Ovid

Not long ago, four members of the Columbia University Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board wrote a letter of complaint to the university alleging that the study of classic works of Western civilization — specifically, the Metamorphoses — was insensitive and made many of the students feel “un­safe.” So please add reading Ovid to the growing list of potential triggers, -isms, and phobias that could rattle the brittle psyche of a college student. Even the act of grading — sometimes known as “grade shaming” — can leave young people feeling distressed.

The news that there are students unable to handle the Western canon at one of the leading universities in the country sparked a new round of think pieces contemplating the question: Is this the most sensitive — and least intellectually curious — generation ever? And if so, what does it mean?  …

There are more serious criticisms to be made of Millennials, of course. As the most ethnically diverse generation ever, they claim to be more tolerant of differences in our culture. But in reality, they have a growing aversion to the institutions and ideas that protect legitimate ideological and philosophical diversity. The younger you are, the more likely you are to support hate-speech laws and laws that undermine religious freedom and political speech. …

They are also less religious than previous generations were at the same point in their lives, and describe “Christianity” — every denomination, apparently — as “hypocritical” and “judgmental.” One doesn’t need to be a theological authority to understand that judgment is an important aspect of faith. Millennials don’t want to be judged.  …

A Reason Foundation poll in 2014 found that although Millennials claim to have an aversion to both political parties, 42 percent favored socialism over capitalism.

Most polls find that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will easily capture most of the Millennials’ vote in 2016. If anything, the former first lady may not be liberal enough for them. The real preference of Millennials, according to a Fusion poll, is Stephen Colbert. Nineteen percent say that they’d like to see him as president, versus 17 percent each for Jon Stewart and Tina Fey. They will not rest until we have a clown as president.

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