Iran: wanting it too much

On Iran, or perhaps our recent foreign policy in general, I think Noonan gets it right today:

There will be plenty of serious criticism of the deal, accompanied by a generalized sense that the U.S. probably got taken—because Mr. Obama always wants it too much. As with the opening to Cuba, Mr. Obama put his face on it too early, put his name on it too hard, talked about it too much in public, let his aides give background interviews saying this is a crucial effort, a historic gambit, part of the president’s visionary legacy. The adversary sees this, the need and the want—they watch the news too!—and proceeds accordingly.

Mr. Obama is an odd one in that when there are rivals close by, in Congress for instance, with whom he could negotiate deals, he disses them in public, attacks their motives, yanks them around with executive orders, crushes them when possible. But when negotiating with actual tyrants he signals deference, hunger. I leave it to others to explain what it means when a man is bullying toward essentially good people and supplicating toward bad ones. But the sense is he always wants it too much and is consequently a poor negotiator, and this will have some impact on U.S. and world reaction.

It’s technically a column about the 2016 race, and includes this little bit about a speech given by the president’s likely successor:

She offers policy clumps wrapped in general sentiments. There was policy jargon—“consumer economy,” “quality, affordable child care,” “paid family leave,” “our fiscal outlook is sustainable.” In the tired rhetoric department there were “currents of change” and getting “our country moving.” There were a few fleeting shots at Republican candidates, which provided the speech with a kind of leavening cynicism.

She seemed at times to knock Mr. Obama, or at least distance herself from him. Wall Streeters who tanked the economy in the late 2000s got off with “limited consequences—or none at all.” Who’s been in charge since 2008? She made two references to rising health-care costs. I thought we took care of that.

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2 Responses to Iran: wanting it too much

  1. Mr Obama has given the Iranian “Hastener” regime the green light to develop nuclear weapons – weapons they will use (in order to spread fire and death over the face of the world so that the “Hidden One” can return on his white horse, to “Hasten” his return – hence “Hastener”).

    Yes the Iranian regime are insane – but they are not stupid. Mr Obama clearly is stupid – as the Iranian regime will not “just” use nuclear weapons against Israel (a nation Mr Obama would be happy to see exterminated) they will use nuclear weapons against many other places…..

    And Mr Obama’s action has been supported by the “liberal” elite – from the Economist magazine on down.

    • seemanfam says:

      Furthermore, if you’re Saudi Arabia are you going to sit there and not race to get your own nuke?
      I’m wondering if this is how the British felt with Chamberlain’s interactions with Germany in the late 30’s.

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