Revolution in dotage

Found these bon mots in a file.  Better late than never.

Charles C.W. Cooke, from Revolution in Dotage in the 11/11/13 National Review:

But, as a result of their victory, leftists now find themselves in a peculiar position.  When Norbert Elias published The Established and the Outsiders in 1965, “outsider” was almost a synonym for “leftist.”  Nowadays, the idea is risible.  It is the Left that establishes what is acceptable and what is unwelcome in society; it is the Left that decides what is humorous and what is offensive, what is kind and what is mean, what is fair and what is unjust.  It is the Left, in other words, that judges what is normal.

Far from being the creed of the rebellious outsider, leftism has now become the standard option – the default worldview into which the apathetic fall as indifferent iron filings might arrange themselves on a piece of paper above a magnet.  Leftism is the outlook that you pick up if you aren’t realy sure what to think – or if you don’t care.  It is Opinion 101:  the starting point for political and cultural impressions.  And this, in a cruel twist of fate, have the extremists become the Establishment, the mutineers become The Man, and the subversives become… well, they’ve become downright boring.

From The Week in the 2/20/12 issue of National Review:

It doesn’t have the frenzied extravagance of the stimulus, or the obsessive control-freakdom of Obamacare.  But in its way, the president’s proposal that all states make school attendance mandatory until a student graduates or turns 18 is a perfect example of the strain of grand-gesture liberalism he embodies:  profligacy in the service of bossiness, with the fig leaf of technocracy and the real purpose of rewarding loyal Democratic interest groups – in this case, the teacher’s unions.

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