“A Madisonian correction to the Lockean ideal of religious toleration in a society with an established church”

Another very interesting take.  Chock full ‘o polysci so I’m reproducing in full, with all due apologies to its author.

Before that, though, this hidden camera footage from an O’Keefe-style muckraker trying to order a cake for a gay wedding from Muslim bakers.  I wonder why we don’t hear as much about that scenario… yet.  lol

When I think WWJD my answer is: bake the cake/take the photos.  But I also like living in a free country and have had a belly full of Lefty bullies (and their “soft-totalitarian politicized ethos”).  “Who are you to impose your values?” is how they put it 30+ years ago.  Now that they’re culturally ascendant, the tune has changed.  My opposition hasn’t changed; who I find myself opposing has.

The Church of the LeftYuval Levin

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