Enforcing diktats undreamt of the day before yesterday

This libertarian author has become one of my favorites, so sharp and funny, his columns are not to be missed.  Today’s “The War on the Private Mind” might be the best single piece I’ve read on the RFRA issue in Indiana.

Are we really about to treat more than half the country as though they’re the Klan, simply because they hew to a traditional view of marriage (a religious ceremony) that up until roughly the day before yesterday was commonplace (and shared by nearly all leading members of both political parties)?  Can’t just find another photographer/florist/baker for their wedding?  Punishing dissenters with lost business and some degree of shame isn’t enough, we have to bring the coercive power of government to bear?

Where will this end?  If a synagogue does not want to preside over a same-sex marriage, do we arrest the rabbi?

A few choice grafs from Williamson’s piece.

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