Who Boycotts Wal-Mart?

Forcing a company like Wal-Mart to pay above-market wages will turn into a transfer of wealth from Wal-Mart customers to Wal-Mart employees, minus the employees replaced by kiosks.

h/t Kevin D. Williamson, who writes in Who Boycotts Wal-Mart? that “social justice warriors are too enlightened to let their poor neighbors pay lower prices.”

In Ferguson, self-righteous and self-appointed spokesmen for the marginalized point to the fact that the criminal-justice system generally produces far worse outcomes to the poor and the non-white than it does to the well-off and white. This is, generally speaking, true. And though the dynamics are equally complicated, the same thing is true of the government schools, which do a pretty good job for rich white kids in the suburbs while functioning as day prisons and incubators of dysfunction for poor minority kids, especially in big cities. But the social-justice warriors in Ferguson will fight on bloody stumps to prevent reform of the government-school cartels, the endless failures of which do far more to harm the lives of the economically and socially vulnerable than any police department does. Why? The teachers are part of the tribe, and the cops are part of a rival tribe, which is why nobody ever bought a Rolex out of the royalties of a song titled “F**k the Milwaukee Public Schools.”


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