You can’t legislate morality?

Excerpts from an editorial about the history behind the Hobby Lobby controversy, from National Review:

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One Response to You can’t legislate morality?

  1. Paul Marks says:

    Agreed. But the “mainstream” media will not report things this way – and while most people (and advertisers) still take the msm seriously it will remain the “mainstream” – I do not expect to see the New York Times (and NBC, ABC and CBS and so on) close down any time soon.

    A more serious problem is that the EDUCATION SYSTEM will not teach things this way – what is being taught to the young in the schools and universities is very different from the truth that is written here. Sometimes I think that American freedom was doomed when H. Mann (the “Father of the American Public School Movement”) set up the first (functioning) State education system – a plague that has now spread to all 50 States (higher education has also been corrupted, by government “loans” and so on).

    Only when most Americans no longer look to the government to pay for the education of their children (ironically by taxing the very people who look for this “free” service) will freedom really return. What the government pays for will be a government propaganda service – teaching that the government should control more and more, and that the “real” threat to freedom is “big business” and “the rich”.

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