I’m performing my dance quintet. You know – my cycle.

This could be me:

I’m finally in the show I wanted.  I’d love it if you came and gave me notes.

GgGR5For the first time in 28 years I will be performing in a principal role in a legit theatre production:

Glengarry Glen Ross
July 6, 13 &20 @ 7:30PM. 
Tickets available 352-357-7777 or here.

I’ll be performing with the Bay Street Players at the Historic State Theatre in Eustis, FL. Eustis is 39 miles NW of downtown Orlando and has a rich theatre tradition born a century ago when New Yorkers would come to its resorts “for a piece of health” and wanted theatre. The resorts are gone but the theatre remains.

So come on out and hear me use curse words for the first time ever.

About the play: The play has been compared to Arthur Miller’s classic Death of a Salesman and called “the best American play ever written about merciless men and their predatory business practices.” You might be familiar with the 1992 film adaptation? The scalding comedy/drama and 1984 Pulitzer Prize-winner examines a group of cutthroat Chicago real estate agents who will do anything to close the deal.

The playwright – David Mamet – first shocked audiences with his brutally direct language but has since become one of the most admired (and oft-imitated) dramatists of contemporary times. His legendary revved-up dialogue (“Mamet Speak”) is cynical, street-smart, edgy, “syncopated like a drum solo.” At first it might seem as if anyone could master Mamet speak just by spewing curse words, but the language is actually very precise and measured and draws attention to his characters’ manipulation and deceitful use of language. Frank Rich, critic for the New York Times, called it a sort of musical poetry: “hot jazz and wounding blues.”

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One Response to I’m performing my dance quintet. You know – my cycle.

  1. Paul Marks says:

    I do not like Arthur Miller as a man (although I do not deny his skill with words – of which he was a master artist), he was the sort of person who (to use a fantasy example) would fly into your house (in a pointy black hat – on a broomstick) turn your family into toads – and then turn to you and say (in the most condescending tone) “you are paranoid to believe in witches”. His work was essentially disguised agitprop (business boo-hiss, American independence boo-hiss, Western tradition – boo hiss, and on and on) – but anyone who asked him to be honest about where he came from politically got “McCarthyite” screamed at them by the Legion of the establishment.

    David Mamet has left the political position of the establishment elite (who, bafflingly, claim the exclusive right to speak for “the masses”) behind – so the establishment elite (Plato’s Guardians in modern dress – for Plato….. and Sir Francis “The New Atlantis” Bacon and the rest of the Legion came long before Karl Marx) now hate him. I wish you every success in this production – but I do wish it was a later David Mamet play.

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