When $$ in politics is favored

from Rate That Oligarch in todays’ WSJ:

You may have noticed that our friends on the left have begun to refer to the Koch brothers and other rich conservatives as “oligarchs.” Like calling evangelicals “jihadists” and the tea party “racist,” this comparison to the billionaires in Vladimir Putin’s circle is meant to stigmatize and marginalize these men politically and socially.

This latest Saul Alinsky tactic got us thinking about who really qualifies as an American oligarch. If the definition is someone who becomes rich by association with government power and policies, and then assists those in power, the Kochs would barely make the list. Their companies are usually harassed by government.

With that standard in mind, we thought we’d offer liberals a list of some other American billionaires and where they rate as oligarchs.

George Soros. The hedge-fund billionaire… funds a myriad of left-wing causes.

Tom Steyer. Another liberal who … now opposes the kind of fossil-fuel investments he once profited from as he was building his fortune.

Al Gore. The former vice president and prophet of politicized green energy has become rich investing in firms that benefit from the policies he has long advocated.

Elon Musk. The Tesla CEO has turned green-energy subsidies, electric-car tax credits, and solar-energy mandates into a gold mine.

Carlos Slim. The Mexican parlayed government-supported monopolies in telecommunications, cement and other industries into one of the world’s greatest fortunes. He single-handedly rescued the New York Times in 2009 with a $250 million loan – and now the Times is leading the charge against the Kochs as “oligarchs.”

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