The GW bridge vs. Benghazi/IRS abuse/etc.

The first sin of conservatism is relevance.  Wherever conservatives or libertarians threaten liberal power they must be crippled by any means necessary.  Don’t engage their ideas in honest debate, don’t grant their motives any good will – just take them down Alinsky style.

I hope the governor has learned the lesson well.   They’ll love him when he can be used to smear the rest of the GOP; they’ll hate him the minute he becomes a leader of the GOP.

I suppose a corollary to this would be:  criticize a progressive only when it’s mostly immaterial (and can make you sound even-handed).

Dan Henninger in Chris Christie Is an Amateur

Here’s the audio transcript of a radio ad created by ColorOfChange about CVS pharmacies, which supported ALEC: “CVS, when you hear that name, do you think of the law that protected Trayvon Martin’s killer? Or laws that suppress the black vote.” The ad never ran. But copies of the ad were mailed to CVS, John Deere, HP, Walgreens,  Best Buy,  BP and a dozen others. All disassociated from ALEC.

This is the Democratic left’s modus operandi. In early December, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) sent a letter to the heads of J.P. Morgan, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs,  Citigroup,  Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley,  asking them to reveal any contributions to “private think tanks.” Her goal, she said, was “transparency.”

No, the purpose is to surface any such association so the cadres can move in and use the Web, mass Twitter feeds, shareholder resolutions and media campaigns to drive private companies out of the political arena, leaving politics in the control of public-sector interests—i.e., the state rules.

Threatening companies that participate in politics with reputational destruction is the American left’s version of Maoist shaming sessions. Modern Red Guards don’t hang signs around your neck. Their weapon of choice is modern media. In this league, a political traffic jam is the work of amateurs.

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One Response to The GW bridge vs. Benghazi/IRS abuse/etc.

  1. Exactly – nominating a friend-of-media is pointless as the media only have Republican “friends” till the key moment (then the knife goes into the back).

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