It’s about control, not science

Global Cooling, Global Warming, Climate Change… but the goal never changes.

h/t Jonah Goldberg, in the 7/1 G-file:

Even if you think the global-warming crowd is exactly right, why on earth should I listen to some guy who studies ocean temperatures or how clouds reflect sunlight about how to tax certain products or organize our industry? The funny thing is I would listen to a climate scientist about how to fix the problem, just as I would listen to my mechanic about how to fix my car. But the climate-science crowd is mostly fine with outsourcing the policy prescriptions to the same Malthusian crowd that thinks economic growth is the problem. The Left has never sufficiently grappled with the fact that they make the same policy prescriptions no matter what the alleged malady is. They hated fossil fuels when global cooling was the big concern and they hated fossil fuels when global warming grabbed the headlines. If your policy prescriptions don’t change when the symptoms are completely reversed, don’t be shocked when people suspect you have another agenda.

The Malthusians are like a mechanic who tells you your car is broken and the best way to deal with it is by driving under 10 mph at all times, not taking more than three right turns a week, and most of all, coasting with the engine off whenever possible.

My own preference on climate change is to wait about thirty years before we do anything too drastic. Study the issue. Get the models to work. Wait for countries like India and China to get rich enough to forgo fossil fuels. And then: Fix the problem.

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