Dealing with the reality of Obamacare

h/t Richard Ralston in the OC Register with Dealing with the reality of Obamacare:

As the government promises that the cost of insurance premiums will decline, we will be faced with, in fact, the opposite. Mandatory coverage of pre-existing conditions will increase all premiums, as will coverage of “children” up to age 26. As premiums for women are not allowed to cover their generally higher medical expenses, the premiums for men will increase to do so. The new taxes on medical equipment will increase premiums. Added federal coverage requirements, on top of existing state requirements, will increase premiums for millions of Americans forced to pay for services they do not want.

The only costs we will not have to deal with will be on whatever new life-saving drugs and equipment we will never see because they are forbidden by the Independent Payment Advisory Board. IPAB will begin to decree elimination of procedures and medications, as it was created to do.

Medicare patients will experience the reductions in care resulting from the $700-plus billion in Medicare cuts to finance Obamacare.  Medicaid patients will have to deal with the impact of adding up to 30 million people to that system.

Millions of employees promised by President Obama that “if they like their current insurance they will be able to keep it” will discover that the insurance they like does not comply with new coverage requirements. Millions will find that their employers, faced with soaring premiums, will drop insurance in favor of paying the less-expensive fines.

The way to begin to deal with these developments is to… make them deal with the consequences of Obamacare by diligently watching, documenting and reporting its effects on our rights, choices and lives.

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One Response to Dealing with the reality of Obamacare

  1. Paul Marks says:

    The high cost of American health care is caused by the DECADES of vast government subsidy programs (that have had a similar effect in health care to that the subsidy of student tuition has had on college tuition fees – i.e. make the cost explode) and the ever inceasing web of regulations.

    Obamacare increases the subsidies and the regulations – so of course it will increase costs.

    Indeed it will take costs over the point of no return.

    Companies will drop employees (and pay the fines instead) – and individuals (other than the rich) will not be able to pay the high costs for indvidual cover.

    Obamacare will lead to the domination of the “exchages” and the pet “private providers” (till, like the student loan providers, they are discarded) – paid for collectivelly.

    Obamacare was DESIGNED to lead to this result – it is MEANT to do this.

    And the Constitutional violations continues.

    For example, the regime has now declared that citizens of States that do not set up exchanges will be taxed (via the insurance companies) to finance Federal government exchanges n their State.

    Federal taxes are supposed to be uniform over the United States – not be more harsh in some States than in others.

    But who cares about the Constitution?

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