Romney rally in Kissimmee 10/27/12

The governor was certainly feeling the momentum. Hard to believe he’s the same candidate from a few months ago, or even a few weeks ago.  The debates changed things in the polls not only because they burnt the straw-man created by all the negative ads Obama had targeted towards independents, but also because it so charged the right.  This rally had the feel of a winning campaign – unlike McCain’s last cycle.  Rep.Connie Mack’s pitch for himself (in the race for senator) was 100% coattails.

But it’s not over til it’s over.  Plenty of time for events or a late hit.

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One Response to Romney rally in Kissimmee 10/27/12

  1. Paul Marks says:

    Haveing disliked Mitt Romney for years I am starting to like him (that may be bad news – as people I like do not tend to do well).

    I am starting to like Mitt Ronmney because he is really making an effort – he is no longer “Mr Smooth”. He is working hard for every vote – and showing some character.

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