269 + ME 2nd

Any other electoral college junkies out there?  There’s actually a reasonable path to a 269-269 tie this cycle:  BHO takes OH & NH, Romney takes IA & NV. (At the moment those are the last four true swing states, though it could still tip either way to 320+ electoral votes for either in the next 17 days.)

In that case the House would decide, with each state delegation casting one vote.  I think the GOP controls 33 delegations.  When would that vote take place?  Lame duck?  Or (more likely) after the next Congress has been sworn in (and how many delegations would each party hold then)?  Would there be pressure to vote for the popular vote winner?

Fun wrinkle:  some polls have Romney leading in ME’s 2nd congressional district, and ME is one of two states that divvies up its electoral votes.  (BHO picked up one of NE’s in 2008 in the same manner.)

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