Romney Rally, October 6 in Apopka, FL

The candidate and the crowd had the feel of a challenger who finally got into the ring with the champion after months of pre-fight blather in the press, took it to him, and now knows “I can take this guy – start the next round!”

Huge and wildly enthusiastic crowd – the GOP stopped counting at 8000 tickets and local law enforcement estimated 10,000.   In an outdoor amphitheater that seats only 1500.

The governor has several lines/lines of attack which, while not new, were not explored in the first debate.  So the next two should be interesting.  “Great kid!  Don’t get cocky.”  I don’t recall too many debates in which anyone laid a glove on him.  I remember some self-inflicted wounds.

He’s also a much improved candidate.  Well honed stump speech, showing more personality and heart.  Still a little square, although he accidentally (?) made a suggestive joke about his first date with Ann, which they both laughed off.  Speaking of the latter: she was also fabulous in her introduction of the candidate.

Surprise of the night:  Jeff Atwater, the state’s CFO (?!) gave a fantastic barn burner of a speech.

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4 Responses to Romney Rally, October 6 in Apopka, FL

  1. I enjoyed these. Taken just on your cell?

    • John says:

      All but 2, which were from AP: The big shot from back of the stage in which you can see the crowd, and another from the same angle where he’s working the line and Alexa is visible on the L.

  2. How very exciting. In California, we get Barack Obama for some Cesar Chavez thingee, and then Bill Clinton at my stomping grounds tomorrow. Wish I were a in a redder state.

  3. John says:

    It is easier to get excited in a critical key state. But I think we’re safely red this cycle. That rally was the last time, until the debate and any associated campaigning, Romney was here.

    You (well, not you) Californians wreck your own state, then move to NV, CO, and MT and start voting wrong there. Shame on you! (Well, not you.)

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