Sure feels different than I expected

I never imagined Mediscare to play out as it has, at least initially, so quickly.  Wouldn’t it be nice if this lasts, and we have the serious/honest debate on the subject during an election?

h/t Jim Geraghty

We all know the basics of our entitlement program problems: Too many collecting benefits, not enough paying in. A system that was endangered by the Baby Boomers retiring is greatly exacerbated of four years of recession, high unemployment, millions of Americans working part-time instead of full-time, etc.

So Paul Ryan puts forth a plan to raise the eligibility age by two months per year until it reaches 67. For those 55 and older, no change to the program. For everyone else, you get an $8,000 voucher. If you’re in the wealthiest 8 percent, you get less; if you’re in the wealthiest 2 percent, you get much less. Payments would be adjusted for inflation based on the consumer price index.

Is that radical? Not nearly as radical as doing nothing. President Obama and Joe Biden have had four years to address this issue and they have done what Democrats have always done: act as if the current system is fine and demonize anyone who puts forth a plan.

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