The Equalizer

I did not know this:  the movie theater in Aurora, CO, is a self-imposed “gun-free zone.”  Just awful.

Here’s a good piece on how most reporting underplays successful self defense with firearms, including recent examples in CO.  I forget the nationwide numbers but it’s on the order of several multiples:  self defense by legal firearms owners saves many more lives than are lost to tragedies such as the aforementioned.

We had one just “up the road” in Ocala this month.  A 71 year old man, with concealed carry permit, stopped two criminals.  The article makes a point of letting us know the man’s firearm was “semi-automatic” – perhaps to frighten or worry those who don’t understand the difference.  (To those of you who don’t:  semi-automatic merely means he can fire a second (or third, or…) round without reloading.  Its operation is different from a revolver, which also can fire multiple rounds.  But for each individual round he has to pull the trigger.  No “spraying the room” like in the movies.  Those are “fully automatic.”)  In this case, since there were 2 bad guys, it’s a good thing he didn’t have to stop and reload his dueling pistol.  Or musket.

Bonus “Did you know” from the title of this post:  The “gun that won the west” was a Colt revolver, and it was also known as The Equalizer because it made everyone equal – it protects the weak from the strong.  (Like a 71-year old man from two hoods.)

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One Response to The Equalizer

  1. Paul Marks says:

    Of couse it was a “gun free zone” . Just as Virginia Tech was a “gun free zone”. These regulations make everyone the unarmed defenceless victims of violent criminals – yet with every failure of “gun control” the left just demand more “gun control”.

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