Blue Blight

Via Meadia on “blue blight”:

Scranton’s problems reflect the combination of long term economic decline, a failure to re-imagine and reform the way government works, the usual failed urban redevelopment boondoggles and shortsighted behavior by municipal employees and politicians who pander to them. In other words, Scranton is a fairly typical if unusually unlucky American city. As time goes by, we can expect more cities to come to this pass with all the human suffering and unfairness that comes out of this kind of crisis. The only way out is a much more sweeping program of national and local reform than is yet on the table; the longer we wait the harder this will be.

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One Response to Blue Blight

  1. Paul Marks says:

    It is not really a matter of “reforming the way government works” – it should be a matter of rolling government back. Recently Indiana has reintroduced Right to Work laws (abolished in Indiana in 1965 – but vitally important for counter balanceing government granted advantages to unions) and cut government spending and taxation – that is what Penn should be doing.

    If Indiana (a traditional industrial State) can do it – so can Penn.

    And so can Scranton at a local level – the local government must cut its coat according to its cloth. No more wild promises – no more wild spending (for the borrowiing just leads to higher taxes later). And more endless regulations obstrucing business.

    For a start – get rid of zoning and he city planning department.

    Do not “reform” it – just get rid of it.

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