More cherry-picking science & ideology

Hot off the presses, as reported here by Charles C. W. Cooke:

And lest you think I’m taking the argument to an unfair extreme in turn, note that Kanazawa wrote a whole paper called . . . Why Liberals and Atheists Are More Intelligent.

In his book, Kanazawa contends, inter alia, that liberals are more intelligent because they do things that buck evolutionary purposes; whereas conservatives are slaves to those traditions. Okay, but one has to ask why the author doesn’t go even further. Here is a modest set of suggestions: Intelligent people are more likely to stick knives into their eyes, because evolution engenders in us a sense of self-preservation. Intelligent people are more likely to ingest vast quantities of metal polish because it was unavailable for most of human history and is thus evolutionarily novel. They are more likely to try and fly off the top of skyscrapers because men were designed to walk on their hands and feet. Intelligent people are more likely to murder their children because mammals evolved to look after their offspring and to do so runs against the reproductive imperative.

Unsurprisingly, none of those things are claimed. Perhaps this is because unlike classical music, homosexuality, nocturnal habits, and drug use, they fit in neither with liberal policy preferences nor the more general thesis that so many have taken it upon themselves to advance in the last few years: That conservatives are empirically stupid or sick, and that liberalism is a sign of superior intellect.





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One Response to More cherry-picking science & ideology

  1. Nice.

    This phenomenon will not disappear anytime soon. That would require some hubris on the part of the liberals who reign unaccountable atop the ivory tower.

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