The 1st is my 2nd favorite Amendment

Because the 2nd is my 1st…

Actually, now that I’ve been married 18 years (in 5 days), I believe the 5th just might be my new favorite – at least as it’s been interpreted by activist judges to include spouses.

The editors at NR in Free Speech Wins in Wisconsin:

Ironically, The Federalist Papers, Tom Paine’s pamphlets, and other famous instances of historically significant American political speech, being printed at private expense without full disclosure, would have been subject to rigorous restrictions under this interpretation of the meaning of free speech.

It is in the Left’s interest to minimize the ability of ordinary Americans to participate in the political process. The Left controls the most influential media outlets, the major educational institutions, the unions, the government bureaucracies, and other important institutions. While it is easy to count up the contributions that went to groups supporting Governor Walker in the recall, it is more difficult to put a price tag on the fact that his union critics were permitted to campaign inside high schools (putting fliers into students’ backpacks, among other things) or that rank-and-file workers are dragooned by union bosses into the campaign brigades. What price tag should we attach to the friendly treatment the anti-Walker forces received from the New York Times or MSNBC? Allowing private citizens — even, God help us, rich ones — to participate in the political process by making donations to organizations supporting their causes is a way to level the playing field and to wrest control of the political process from entrenched elites. Those who seek to impose free-speech limitations decry the influence of “the rich,” but we can assure you that the good people who own the New York Times and run the Teamsters are not paupers.

Allowing citizens every possible opportunity to influence the political process is not the antithesis of democracy, as the Left would have us believe, but the fulfillment of it.

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