Polling looks hopeful in critical WI recall election

This Tuesday’s election in Wisconsin could be very big, since unfunded public sector pensions may bankrupt us before our exploding entitlement programs do.  From California to Greece, feather-bedded health&retirement packages crowd out other spending, corrupt the politcal process, and impede required reforms – like the successful ones in WI that triggered the efforts at recall.

Here’s Michael Walsh in today’s NYPost, Wisconsin End Game:

Despite the left’s apocalyptic warnings, Walker’s reforms have helped turn the state’s ruinous finances around. His rollback of union “rights” — which started the whole mess — isn’t even being discussed anymore. Job creation is up and public education’s finances have been dramatically reformed and stabilized

Obama-tested slogans such as the bogus “war on women” and the hate-the-rich meme have popped up on yard signs across Wisconsin, but the local party’s sagging fortunes mirror the president’s. A big Walker win will send an unmistakable message to Washington: Stop spending, and start reforming.

For Wisconsin has always been one front in a larger civil struggle. On one side are the forces of take: the greedy public-service unions, with their sweetheart salaries and gold-plated retirement and health-care packages, “bargaining” with the same Democratic politicians they support with their union dues.

On the other, the tapped-out private-sector taxpayers who are bearing the brunt of the recession and have been seeking a champion.

As President Franklin Roosevelt famously warned, public-employee collective bargaining is incompatible with fairness. More to the point, FDR said: “Militant tactics have no place in the functions of any organization of government employees [who have] the obligation to serve the whole people, whose interests and welfare require orderliness and continuity in the conduct of government activities. This obligation is paramount.”

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