Dang, this O-care is better than the Commerce Clause

In honor of the news today that NYC bans large “sugared” drinks… here is Nurse Bloomberg explaining, “We’re simply forcing you to understand.”

Related, from “The Week” in the May 28 issue of National Review:

The presidential campaign’s dog days continued with a report from House Republicans that Nashville’s health department, which received a $7.5 million Obamacare grant, spent part of its budget on free spaying and neutering of pets. The rationale: Neutering would reduce the population of stray dogs, which deter people from jogging, and would thereby improve their health. Other localities used Obamacare money to post signs marking bike lanes, promote “urban gardening,” and lobby for increased taxes on soda and cigarettes. The principle at work seems to be that everything has something to do with health, and promoting health is the federal government’s job, so the federal government can do whatever it wants. Dang, this Obamacare is better than the Commerce Clause! But never mind the Rube Goldberg chain of reasoning, the slush-fund aspect, and even the budget deficit. Why on earth is the federal government sterilizing dogs in Tennessee? Answer: Because it makes the feds look generous, while the state gets a “free” program. The only point in sending taxpayers’ money on a detour through Washington is to obscure whose pockets it comes from and who is responsible for spending it.

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