Crucifixion’s too good for ’em sir

As the scene from Life of Brian says, “Crucifixion’s too good for ’em, sir!” All the job creators in the country should just ignore the politicization of energy sources, unfunded entitlement promises, new mandates, and ideological regulation – forget all that unpleasant risk and uncertainty, and look on the bright side of life.  C’mon Atlas – put out that cigarette and get back in the game!

Kimberly Strassel writing on the latest EPA scandal in The ‘Crucify Them’ Presidency in which a regional administrator was caught on video saying the goal was to “crucify” the oil & gas industry:

The Armendariz story matters precisely because he is the model Obama regulator. Hamstrung by both public opinion and Congress, President Obama has turned to these types to enact his broader agenda.

His actions are no aberration. This is the “Crucify Them” presidency. Mr. Obama couldn’t get a card check law passed, so his National Labor Relations Board’s union lawyers sue Boeing for locating in a right-to-work state. He couldn’t outlaw offshore drilling, so Interior activists continue a permitorium in the Gulf. He can’t make ObamaCare work, so Health Department officials threaten to exclude insurers from exchanges if they raise premiums. He couldn’t outright kill nuclear energy, so his top nuclear regulator has shut down the Yucca Mountain waste repository to strangle industry growth.

Mr. Armendariz apologized for his “words,” though you might wonder why. He was picked to do a job—to “crucify” industry—and he did it. His real mistake was admitting it.

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One Response to Crucifixion’s too good for ’em sir

  1. Paul Marks says:

    The Obama people openly admit the truth – and yet the pretense that this is a “moderate” regime is maintained (the media continue to pretend that nothing is wrong).

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