Women’s health care will need more than “free” contraceptives

Althouse using a little satire to make a point:  women will suffer disproportionally from denied care, longer waits, fewer tests, etc. under the “rationality” of government-approved procedures in the health care system.  We men skip tests, ignore symptoms, die earlier.

Come on, be honest. Don’t you want the federal government to have a complete overview of health care? The potential rationality is stunning. And one thing in this emerging rationality is clear: Although women tend to love the notion of government control more than men do, it is women who will be told they’ll have to cut back. On treatments. And years. You know we’ve been taking more than our share.

Don’t worry, if the Feds are slow to grant you the procedure you want you can just take the same pill your grandma does.

UPDATE (4/20/12):

Women get one-third more in lifetime medical benefits than men.  At least for now…


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