Backfire: dog whistle designed for feminists works on Catholics instead

The really bad gaffes in politics are the ones that crystallize an image voters hold, perhaps only half-formed or subconsciously, into a firm (negative) opinion that’s impossible to shake.  (E.g., Dan Quayle misspelling potato, or Bill Clinton “depends on the meaning of is”.)

This mess with forcing Catholic institutions to violate their faith is a self-inflicted wound the Obama administration will soon reverse but won’t soon live down.  It reinforces so much of what we critics have said since 2008the authoritarian streak, the hostility to faith, the undemocratic processes, the dishonesty of the entire initiative.

The president may recover from the electoral damage but I suspect this most recent attempt at progressive coercion has just increased the odds that the Supreme Court – with its 5 Catholic Justices, including the perceived swing vote – will rule his healthcare plan unconstitutional.

Ironically, and as a consolation prize, BHO’s flirtation with “the anti-Semitism of intellectuals” may help with his re-election if it takes the issue off the table.

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5 Responses to Backfire: dog whistle designed for feminists works on Catholics instead

  1. Paul Marks says:

    Unless (as Glenn Beck argues) that this was not a miscalculation by the Obama people at all – but a way of getting the argument away from economic issues (out of control government spending and debt) to social issues – where the left (the “mainstream” media and so on) think they can win.

    • John says:

      I hear you. I thought about that too. Possible, but still a misfire, imao. I think more likely they were blinkered by ideology. But either way, it’s nice to have your opponents stumble like that.

      • Paul Marks says:

        Should we both still be around – we will see in November, whether the foe have made a real blunder.

      • John says:

        I think the “average voter” – even some who happen to be Catholic – won’t even remember this issue. Iran, or gas prices, or something else will hold their attention come fall.

        For now it helps him raise $ from feminists and their fellow travelers. But they’ll be voting for him no matter what.

        It angers people like me, but I won’t be voting for him under any circumstances.

        Where it will matter is with some non-zero % of catholic voters who will swing from supporting him in ’08 to opposing him in ’12. That will matter.

        You see Dick Morris’ theory? That they’re raising the issue because they’ve lost (?) on abortion and want to change the issue to contraception. He thinks George Stephanopolous’ raising of the issue in that one GOP debate – which was passing strange – was part of a coordinated effort.

      • Paul Marks says:

        Yes – the media are not even trying to hide their bias anymore. George Stephanopolous is (as you know) an ex Clinton Administration person (“but the evening news person used to work in the Nixon Whitehouse” someone might say – accept that D. Sawyer is as statist as Nixon was, and goes out of her to smear conservatives, as with her recent effort to smear Tea Party people over the shooting of G.G., the shooter was crazy but if he did have a political philosophy it was MARXISM, not exactly a Tea Party doctrine). And Stephanopolous has a conference call with the Obama people most days.

        I agree with you that haveing a major section on contraception in a Presidential debate was a poltiical move. NONE of the Republican candidates have raised it as a issue (they all believe that contraception should be legal – at both Federal and State level) so George S. was trying to go back to 1962 to ask “did the Supreme Court rule correctly” (acutally in strict law it did NOT – although that was the reply he was hoping for, so he could pounce upon it and TWIST the reply to pretend that Republicans want to ban contracetion).

        I still think the economy is key – but the left clearly want to play the social issues as well, because they think they can win on them.

        Of course they can only win if they LIE by pretending that Republicans want to ban contraception and so on. But the “mainstream” media (the “moderate” ABC as much as CBS, NBC and CNN) are quite prepared to twist and distort in this way.

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