The “no man’s land” of contemporary culture

Mark Steyn writing of the Penn State scandal in No Man’s Land:

Here surely is an almost too perfect snapshot of a culture that simultaneously destroys childhood and infantilizes adulthood. The “child” in this vignette ought to be the ten-year-old boy, “hands up against the wall,” but instead the “man” appropriates the child role for himself: Why, the graduate assistant is so “distraught” that he has to leave and telephone his father. He is pushing 30, an age when previous generations would have had little boys of their own. But today, confronted by a grade-schooler being sodomized before his eyes, the poor distraught child-man approaching early middle-age seeks out some fatherly advice, like one of Fred MacMurray’s “My Three Sons” might have done had he seen the boy next door swiping a can of soda pop from the lunch counter…

…the “no man’s land” of contemporary culture. It contrasts the behavior of the men on the Titanic who (notwithstanding James Cameron’s wretched movie) went down with the ship and those of the École Polytechnique in Montreal decades later who, ordered to leave the classroom by a lone gunman, meekly did as they were told and stood passively in the corridor as he shot all the women. Even if I’m wetting my panties, it’s better to have the social norm of the Titanic and fail to live up to it than to have the social norm of the Polytechnique and sink with it.

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One Response to The “no man’s land” of contemporary culture

  1. Paul Marks says:

    For decades the education system people have tried to make men less masculine – congratualtions they have succeeded.

    There will always be men who are perverts and bullies – that is human evil, and no amount of education can alter that (sorry – Plato was wrong). But decent men used to fight back against them – and defend the weak.

    However, now decent men have been made sensitive and in touch with their feelings – i.e. turned into cowards, useless for defending anyone (even a child).

    As for the Titanic – there is a decent film about it. “A Night To Remember”.

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