A Taste of Armageddon

…or if you prefer, a peculiar variety of diplomacy.

I might prefer we get our hands on a few more of them, for interrogation.  But given BHO’s poorly conceived pledge to close Gitmo (is there a word for something that is simultaneously naive and cynical?), the predator strikes might be the least worst option at the moment.  Even if it is warfare so perfected and tidy we could grow accustomed to it…

From VDH in Predator-in-Chief:

Anti-war protestors demonstrate in response to American soldiers getting killed, but rarely about robotic aircraft quietly obliterating distant terrorists. American fatalities can make war unpopular; a crashed drone is a “who cares?” statistic.

Still, there are lots of questions that arise from this latest American advantage. Waterboarding, which once sparked a liberal furor, is now a dead issue. How can anyone object to harshly interrogating a few known terrorists when routinely blowing apart more than 2,000 suspected ones — and anyone in their vicinity?

Predators both depersonalize and personalize war in a fashion quite unknown in the past. In one sense, killing a terrorist is akin to playing an amoral video game thousands of miles away. But in another, we often know the name and even recognize the face of each victim, in a way unknown in the anonymous carnage of, for example, the Battles of Verdun and Hue. Does that make war more or less humane?

Once the most prominent critic of the war on terror, Obama has now become its greatest adherent — and in the process is turning the tide against al-Qaeda. And so far, the American people of all political stripes — for vastly different reasons — seem more relieved than worried over Obama’s most unexpected incarnation as Predator-in-Chief.

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One Response to A Taste of Armageddon

  1. Paul Marks says:

    Yes it is a bit like the desire for “tidy” war (as in the Star Trek episode), but (as much as I despise Comrade Barack) I can not really fault him on this.
    Given the circumstances (some of them created by him and his allies – yes I know that) he has followed the logical course.
    I can not attack a man for doing what I would do – if I found myself in the same circumstances.

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