On Gitmo & drone strikes

As others have mentioned, I can’t help but wonder how much useful intel we’re foregoing with these drone strikes; which, though briefly troubling when against American citizen-insurrectionists, are, imho, ultimately Constitutional.  Those who disagree ought to be outraged with the president.  This is a good example of what someone (was it Goldberg?) once called the “lowest form of punditry”:  can you imagine the different response if this were a GOP administration.

h/t Jonah Golberg in Obama’s Terrorist Dilemma:

Which would you prefer: to be arrested, possibly waterboarded, and then tried by a U.S. military court in Cuba, or to be disintegrated by a Hellfire missile? What’s worse, to be executed after a less-than-perfect military trial, or to be executed with no trial at all?

And let’s not forget, these missiles aren’t that surgical. They kill the people around the target too. In this case Samir Khan, a U.S.-born editor of al-Qaeda’s magazine, Inspire, was killed — not to mention a number of others. Where was their day in court?

And that’s the point, really. If captured alive, terrorists pose political problems for Obama. Where do we put them? How do we interrogate them? And, most pressingly, how do we try them?

I don’t think those are tough questions. But Obama does. So he prefers to kill these people outright, avoiding the questions altogether.

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One Response to On Gitmo & drone strikes

  1. Paul Marks says:

    I agree that it would be better to take this scum alive – and get information out of them. And yes Obama made all sorts of political problems for himself (and for everyone else).

    However, I am not going to get all pure and denounce Obama for killing terrorists – that is a good thing.

    Barack Obama may be a Marxist (he certainly has a life long record of Marxist associations), but Marxists do not like hard core Islamists (as opposed to “Islamic Socialists” – who they are prepared to make deals with) any more than we like them.

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